The goal of this site is to act as a central resource for San Lorenzo Valley communities that were effected by the CZU fire 2020

We ask for a little patience, we are still working on the site.. We are SLV residents and we are in for the long haul....


Prepare For The Winter Rains

Debris flows pose a risk in hilly or sloped areas following large fires. Residents within and below the CZU Lightning Complex burn area should be aware that the dangers to life and property from these hazards are significant and have a higher likelihood of occurring for several rainy seasons following a fire.

Camp Krem Destroyed in CZU Fire

Staff and parents are heartbroken to hear that most of Camp Krem were destroyed by the CZU Lightning Complex Fires. The Boulder Creek camp offers programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Camp Krem is a 501(c)(3) charity, established in 1957 by Alexander Angel Krem.

How to read and understand your insurance policy

Read this before removing debris from fire-damaged home 

How is the Air Quality

Need Food Assistance

Returning Home

Community Resources


“I’ve always seen them on the news and it’s a tragedy when you see it like the Paradise fire, but it doesn’t really hit you the same when it’s here in your hometown”

Donate to the  local fire departments and the vital organizations of San Lorenzo Valley.  Most of these departments depend on a volunteer force. These first responders worked tirelessly to save our neighborhoods even when their home were in jeopardy.


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